Turning Point De-Addiciton Centre is an residential treatment facility located in the city of Surat [Gujarat,India]. A fully accredited amenity, the center has a safe, therapeutic, and professional environment offering recovery from alcoholism and chemical/drug dependency. Our multidisciplinary team including Counselors, Therapists, Psychologist, Nurses and Personal Trainers, who have years of expertise in dealing with addiction issues and support the client and their families throughout the recovery. Tuning point has a holistic approach, we treat the whole person-Physically, Emotionally and spiritually to enhance the mental, emotional and physical strength, to overcome the effects of a dependency and minimise the harm resulting from the use of these substances. Our closely monitored Deaddiction and rehabilitation program is 99 % Drug-free& client-centered where individuals overcome addiction, learn new coping skills, gain and restart their independent and productive life in the community. We are based in Surat (Gujarat India) and are available 24 hours a day by telephone for support, advice and information.

  • Sushil A: Evening, morning, noon and night! Turning Point is my guiding light! Never be lonesome, never be blue always remember Turning Point is with you!

    Anirudh: Thank you Turning Point for saving my life! The staff and counselors guided me out of addiction. I came from USA because this is the only place in the world that can help me get my life back! I am eternally grateful!

    Pooja: Thank you for helping my husband quit alcohol!

    Samir M: Turning Point is the best De-addiction centre not only in Surat but the whole Gujarat!

    Raj: I came to Turning Point after years of drinking, divorce, family problems but after treatment here I stopped drinking and finally living a life with my children and family!

    Dhiresh H: Yoga, meditation and family counseling sessions at Turning Point helped me restore my health and helped me rebuild the bond with my family! Thank you guys!

    Ajay G : Great place! Amazing enivornment and the food here is fabulous!

    Waqaz: The staff helped me so much! From listening to my problems and guiding me the right direction!

    Abhishek:  Beautiful place! I have been a client here and hands down only this place could have changed a person life me! You guys are the best!