About Us

About Us

We are caring, creative and accountable for all those who seek our service and for those we serve. We provide the resource and care to enable people reach their optimal level of health and well-being. With our accredited practitioners and integrated natural therapy programs we treat all kinds of people with lots of different issues who come from varied backgrounds but they all have one thing in common and that is they need help. Their life isn’t functioning well anymore and they just can’t seem to move forward. We believe that with the proper tools and therapies that address the whole person, an individual can transform their lives to be balanced, integrated and have the confidence to deal with harmful life stressors. At the end of your time you will feel more relaxed, confident, physically, mentally and spiritually empowered to begin your new life.


  • •  Holistic Treatment of Alcohol Addiction/Drug Dependency
  • •  Residential rehab programs
  • •   Structured treatment program
  • •  Interventions
  • •  Initial assessment
  • •  Active and sustained monitoring
  • •  Continuing care approach
  • •  Effective individual programs & Group Therapies
  • •  Psychotherapy
  • •  Behavioral Self-Management
  • •  Cognitive Restructuring
  • •  Recreational therapy
  • •  Individual, group and family counseling
  • •  Self Help Group
  • •   Active management of relapse
  • •  Relaxation & Stress Management
  • •  Health and Fitness
  • •  Follow-up program
  • •  Relapse Prevention training
  • •  Life Skill Training
  • •  Effective Organization
  • • Safety & Confidentiality
  • • Absolute privacy
  • • Teamwork & Innovation
  • • Quality focused
  • • Integrity and high standards of ethical conduct
  • • Providing better customer support
  • • Respect for people
  • • One-to-one support and personal mentoring
  • • Recreational and free time
  • • Vocational and Career Guidance
  • • Research oriented
  • • Effective Programs with Proven Results
  • • Superior performance in meeting current challenges
  • • Recovery and Structured Relapse Prevention
  • • Individual Counseling for maintaining abstinence
  • • Awareness programs for alcohol
  • • Emotional Recovery Programs
  • • Relapse Preventions
  • • Support for family members and others affected
  • • Family therapy involves emotional support of family and loved ones
  • • Applicable role models and recovery mentors
  • • Withdrawal management
  • • Community consultation and workshops
  • • Workshops and educational sessions
  • •   Modified lifestyles
  • • Case Manager
  • • Counsellors
  • • Psychiatrist
  • • Addiction Specialist
  • • Psychologist
  • • Therapists
  • • Personal Trainers
  • • Nurses
  • • Social Workers

To provide personalised care to each individual who enters our facility through, therapeutic interventions, counseling, spiritual healing and a balanced integrated residential recovery program. To help individuals and families deal addiction and chemical dependency through comprehensive rehabilitation and prevention

Our vision is to evolve as a recognized leader in addiction treatment by providing high quality and affordable therapy. To heal and comfort the individuals and their families struggling with alcohol/chemical dependency with compassion and respect

Following are the guiding goals and objectives of Turning Point Rehabilitation facilities :-

  • •  To free people from alcohol and drug addiction
  • •  To improve the physical& emotional health of the alcohol and chemically dependent person
  • •  To help sufferers of all forms of addiction find hope, healing and recovery& enable them to join the mainstream of life
  • •  To help person affected by addiction to become healthy in body, mind and spirit and discover the freedom of being well
  • •  To help individuals and families to overcome addiction and barriers to healing
  • •  Empower individuals, families and communities to achieve and maintain the highest level of recovery
  • •  To improve the quality of life of persons with addiction by providing physical ,behavioral and cognitive rehabilitation services
  • •  To develop and implement a high-quality addiction prevention, treatment and recovery system
  • •  To reintroduce the addicts into society as addiction-free proficient ,productive and responsible individuals
  • •  To offer advice ,guidance and information to the addicts/alcoholics, their families,coworkers,community and children
  • •  To enhance the opportunities for addicts/alcoholics and their careers
  • •  To research, identify and promote good practice in the field of alcoholism and chemical deaddiction
  • •  To develop specialized training programs in Alcohol/Chemical Deaddiction .
  • •  To conduct continuing deaddiction education and research programs for the identification, motivation, counseling and after care of addicts
  • •  To promote employment-oriented skills and programmes for addicts
  • •  To create awareness and educating the people about the ill effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, the family and society at large.
  • •  To carry out periodic awareness programmes among individuals and groups vulnerable to addiction and considered at risk.

We are committed to following core values and uphold these principles in all areas of rehabilitation and therapeutic programs

We provide compassionate care & value the life, beliefs and ideas of every individual by being courteous and understanding and appreciative of others. Professionally interacts with all by being open-minded, culturally aware and courteous in all aspects and levels of our operation

We aspire to deliver the best services and resources in order to meet our clients' needs. We strive to set the standard of excellence by being innovative & accountable with continuous improvement of care and facilities.

We promote diversity with respect to gender, religion, ethnicity, and physical ability/disability. We celebrate the unique differences of all our clients and recognize their right to equality, privacy & always emphasizing the dignity of the individual.

We provide our clients with a private, confidential and safe environment, where they have the opportunity to identify the changes they have to make in themselves and in their environment for a fast recovery and reform themselves.

We are committed in providing individualized care and treat our clients like members of our own family. We maintain highest standards of professional conduct; address their individual needs with full involvement of our clients in all aspects of our work.

We follow strict professionalism and compassion & honor our commitments to patients, their families & all members of our organization. We collaborate with one another by engaging everyone through effective team management and communication.